I’m… so… freaking… tired. I have panda eyes, or should I say ‘panda orbicularis oculi’ >.<

Today I finished the 1st part to my Anatomy midterm. The written exam is the harder of the parts, because it’s pure memorization of facts and complicated relationships. The professor gives us many practice problems that just get recycled. In a way, that’s good because 80% of the test will be old questions. The bad part is, I feel inadequate studying for this test. I’m so used to reading, taking notes, and actively learning the subject. Here, I’m just memorizing what the professor’s looking for and doing endless problems I hope will be on the exam. I feel like a poor puppet. In the end, we’re taught the important clinical applications and relationships, that will hopefully be practical as clinicians.

Anyway, I’m minimal sleep right now as I study pictures and dissections for the lab practical tomorrow. Today felt horrendous, speaking that I had to write my wrists off the bone and I was uncertain of some questions. Plus, I learned I hate radiology. Everything looks like blobs and dots. There’s also not much partial credit, speaking each question is a maximum of 0.5 or 1 point! I took the full 2.5 hours, and even then, I wish I had time to check. Maybe I’m too detailed or particular that it takes me so long to finish a test.

Now, I’m busting my chops through another long night to make up for a possible catastrophe. Good thing I had a brief relaxing afternoon, when I walked with a few friends to the undergraduate campus for some ice cream and fresh air. I’m glad I’m near a campus, with trees and clean air; I never had that pleasure in NYU. I’m enjoyed the breezy walk and mental break from the upcoming ‘horror.’ When we got back at around 5 pm, it was back to anatomy, and I ended up learning and understanding structures for 5 hours in the stinky lab. Hopefully, I can pull through and end this hellish week with a bang.

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