The Brain

I can now say I held a brain in my hands. It’s like holding a baby, but not really….

In yesterday’s anatomy lab, we had to cut open the head and observe the cranial fossae. To do that, the brain had to come out. The brain looked really cool, all convoluted, spongy, and pink. I’m still amazed at how complicated and coordinated the human brain is. Now it’s just floating in some alcohol preservative fluid for next semester’s Neuroscience course.

The Homer Brain

So here’s some funny medical mnemonics for the cranial nerves entering the brain through the cranial fossa. Take your pick.

O O O To Touch And Feel Virgin Girl’s Vagina, Ah Heavenly

One Of Our Teachers Touched And Felt Virgin Girl’s Vagina And Hymen

Obviously Once One Takes The Anatomy Final, Very Good Vodka Alleviates Heartache

(I) Olfactory, (II) Optic, (III) Oculomotor, (IV) Trochlear, (V) Trigeminal (1. Ophthalmic, 2. Maxillary, 3. Mandibular-11 total branches), (VI) Abducent, (VII) Facial, (VIII) Vestibulocochlear, (IX) Glossopharyngeal, (X) Vagus, (XI) Accessory, (XII) Hypoglossal

My lab group came up with an alternate wacky one:  chant and grunt                                   [oOo TT AF VG-VAH], like it’s an African tribal dance song. Strangely, it’s stuck to my brain.

And lastly, the FACIAL nerve branches:  Temporal-Zygomatic-Buccal-Mandibular-Cervical-Posterior Auricular

Tiny Zebra Bite My Cheek, Please (the PG version)

Tiny Zebra Bite My Cock, Please (the NC-17 version, and I can’t relate to this one, but it sticks better)

Zebra Smooching Hippo


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