My new addiction: Milk Tea

Monkey Milk Tea

I’m studying like mad for my upcoming Anatomy midterm. It’s long, endless, complicated, and a tad fun. I like doodling and picturing the relationships. Plus, I learn the clinical applications and what can go wrong with the human body. Welcome to medical school.

So I need to kick my desperate coffee habit. I’ve replaced that with milk tea! Ah, I miss bubble tea in Chinatown with my friends. I’ve resorted to Lipton tea packets, Sweet n’ Low sugar substitutes, hot water, and milk to replace my craving and eliminate my bad caffeine need. Basically, add about 2 packets of Lipton red tea, hot water, 1 packet of sugar, and some whole milk, and you have instant bootleg milk tea. I don’t feel as guilty drinking the milk tea as I did with the sugar-laden French Vanilla cappuccino from the physician’s lounge. *Yums, I just took another sip*

Fluorescent Green Tea is so pretty

Now, I know I’ll get sick of this. I’ll have to stock up on boxes of snacks and Chinese green tea like all my friends here and stash them in my locker for late night study parties. Green tea will be healthier, since it’s jam-packed with antioxidants and relaxing herbal aroma. Or even jasmine tea =)


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