Med School Parodies-Love ’em

Wow, giddy med students jamming to 1st year horrors. It’s all true too.

Here’s one:  99 Problems ’til First Year’s Done

And I liked this rendition of Nickelback’s “Rockstar,” except it’s “I Wanna Be an MD.” Don’t we all just want to get the extra 2 letters after our names already… This is a funny one, by far my favorite med school parody.

Looming debt for the next 15 years. Jobless for the next 4 years, with residency turning new doctors into cheap slave labor.

Midterm doomsday countdown. Unshakable post-exam anxiety.

Coffee overdoses.

Netters attached to the abdomen.

Late night library camp-outs and cram sessions.

Awkward patient encounters.

Anastomoses everything.

Silly pneumonics, I mean, mneumonics.

Bizarre diseases. Nitty gritty pathways.

EEeesh~ Don’t get me started on ANATOMY. I do admit, I’ve learned so much, like this…

Pikachu to the bones

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