So Much to Do!!!

Biochemistry exam next Tuesday. This is going to kick my butt =( I’ve been cooped up in the library, memorizing my brains out and doodling colorful metabolic pathways. Yes, taste the biochemical rainbow of the human body…

So my computerized exam will be next Tuesday, featuring glycolysis, TCA, glycogen storage, glycobiology, gluconeogenesis, pentose phosphate shunt, amino acid metabolism… bored yet? Well, I am.

What I do enjoy doing is learning about all the things that can go wrong with enzymes and pathways. Now, we get to the meaning of medicine! I have a little (well, bulky) stash of carefully organized color-coded diseases. Well, soon I can lay in bed and start memorizing all the wrong things in life o.O

A few of my friends started drawing pictures for the diseases, as a way to compile and map out the symptoms and problems. Here’s an example, that I googled: Cushing’s Syndrome! You get ‘moon facies,’ ‘buffalo hump,’ and freaky ‘abdominal striae.’ Freaky disease… but when are diseases NOT freaky.

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