Moon Facies

So while studying for my Biochem midterm, I got up to ‘Adrenal Corticoids and Diseases.” While trying to differentiate the stupid differences between Cushing’s Syndrome and Disease (WTH???), I hopped on Google to find pictures of random diseases to help with the visualization process.

In my previous post, I put up a cartoon on the drastic, freaky effects of Cushing’s. Now, when I googled what was meant my ‘moon faces,” this is what I got…

Yes, a face on a moon. That’s what google gave me.

Speaking of moons, I loved those old Easy Mac commercials, especially that one where the moon was made out of cheese… Ah, a taste of my childhood right there. I’d still crave for those high-sodium, cholesterol-laden, starchy instant meals any day. Maybe I should stash some in my locker for late-night study meals… really depressing craving, especially for a health nut like me.

I’d like a bite out of that, RIGHT NOW.

One thought on “Moon Facies

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