Endorphins are amazing…

Wow, I have not had a good run in a while. Back in college, I hit the elliptical or treadmill, whatever was open, every night for a major energy burn. Freshman year, I’d mustered the guts to run on the city streets, battling slow-pokes, creeps, and manic taxi-drivers. It felt amazing to relax with a little adrenaline rush and some fresh October air, a good break from understanding lipid metabolism and studying the human pelvic cavity o.O

I went running with a good friend, and we accomplished over 5 miles on the Stony Brook campus. Ah, it was awesome, to just complete that in 30+ minutes or so. I hit a sad bump when it came to the hilly areas, because I almost never run hills and I do not want to build calf muscles. I’m more running to stay light and fit.

Anyway, the after-effects are kicking in today as I went to class and climbed the mountain of an escalator. My legs are sore, rather reminiscent of the time I first started playing tennis in high school. Those first days of practice were brutal, speaking we did sprints, karaoke, leg exercises, and 10 minute warm-up jogs. Back then, I was not as fit because I barely played sports, except for some recreational swimming and PE… So right after practice, sitting at home, I was crippled to the bone, barely able to move an inch. Well, not anymore; I may be sore, but I feel energized and accomplished.

I’ll probably take more of these running breaks amidst my studying. Have a little relaxation and fun in your life to counteract the stresses of life =)

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