Camp Creations

My last stint as camp counselor ended about a week and a half ago at Hidden Pond, right before I embark on a medical school adventure. I’m cool; I didn’t weep and bawl like some CITs and counselors, with their makeup streaking down the face.

Still, it was an incredible week: CIT picnic and Carnival day to name a few activities. I still miss my CITs and little campers, despite the ‘low’ tip turnout and awful heat waves =( Well, it wasn’t the money that mattered. I wanted to be remembered for my compassion and benevolence, for being a fun role model. I’ll have plenty of time to practice my competencies and people skills throughout medical school.

How did I maintain my legacy? FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS! This was my newest hobby since beginning of August, and I’ve mastered basic embroidery! I can do the criss-cross, circle, heart, diagonal, zipper, and maybe more if I have time to pursue this new phenomenon and watch Youtube videos. These are some of the things I’ve missed in my childhood, since I never went to camp. Instead, my parents squeezed out money towards summer studies and sent me off to SAT prep enrichment classes to get in Harvard. Ivy League never happened, but NYU got lucky!



Doctor's Gift of Love

Anyway, that last week, I was belaboring with the bracelets, averaging maybe 3 a day. I can seriously open up my own bracelet factory. I get a kick out of these arts and crafts fun and anyone who’s nice to me is lucky. Oh, and I have to like you back too =) I think my assets are my hands. I grew up with hyperhidrosis, an embarrassing obstacle I had to withstand and overcome. These nimble fingers have played the violin and created beautiful artwork. My hands have been bruised in sports, held by special people, and overworked in science experiments. Now, the same pair of hands will move on to give comfort, perform surgeries, execute a phlebotomy, maneuver around a smelly cadaver, and scribble a messy prescription.

For my campers

Straight from the Heart

On a side note, I’m also advanced in lanyard stitching: barrel, box, twist, zipper, Chinese staircase, spiral, triangle, and cobra. One thing I failed and continue to fail at is the butterfly. If you can do this, you’re forever worshiped!

For the lil' kids

Criss Cross

Powerful hands, like surgeons

More Hearts

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