Suju, Explorers of the Human Body: In the Blink of an Eye, Part 1

Episode 1, Continued: The Eye

Remarkable how you cannot always see what you see; sound crazy? The eye is connected to the brain via the optical nerve. Technically you see with the back of the head, because the occipital lobe is located there. Here, the brain receives and interprets incoming stimuli from the eye. Plus, we have somehow experienced randomly fun optical illusions and perceptual tricks, like these.

The young woman or the old hag?

7 Faces

And my alma mater NYU’s Bobst Library atrium floor pattern, where I spent many sleepless hours cramming for some pre-med class; it was rather dizzying to look at from the upper floors.

Okey dokey, back to Super Junior now. Imagine, if you look at something, how well can you remember it? In their first task, 2 flashing pictures of the same thing appear, but there is only one difference. Given the alternating visual stimuli, how well can the lone changing element be picked up? The first is a picture of Super Junior and the second is the 10,000 won bill. For the first one, each member is concentrated and stern, until Ryeowook snaps out of his spaced-out look with “That’s easy!” Siwon acts cool (as usual), but he’s hiding his real befuddlement (What the heck?) It’s really cool to play along and catch the one thing that’s supposed to stand out, without the flashing pictures blinding you. Shindong completely messes around with his answer that Siwon’s foot is getting bigger and smaller, like Alice in Alice in Wonderland… Eeteuk follows suit with Yesung’s head inflating and deflating, LMAO…

Siwon, confuzzled

The reason why Super Junior failed so miserably and nonchalantly tried to save themselves from embarrassment, is because it’s hard to take in visual stimuli accurately that is under 0.2 seconds. To make it even more challenging, add a black screen between the 2 pictures.

Next is the 10,000 won; for this, you see Siwon and Kibum ready to work hard, all focused and determined. I failed on this one, even when I was searching furiously around the darn dollar, thinking my brain is still young and sharp. Every corner was hit, or so I thought. Eeteuk did not get it, he says, “King Sehjong’s eye winks and doesn’t wink.” And he acts it out.  Donghae starts to fib along, by pointing to an imaginary hat on his head. At least he admits he does not know. Heechul is actually intelligent, he picked out the subtle difference on the right side; I have a little more respect for him =)

Leeteuk, one eye bigger than the other

Cute Donghae

Heechul, Bingo!

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