Drama Roll: 泡沫之夏 Summer’s Desire OST

I love the theme songs echoing throughout this drama, all sung by the talented actors themselves.

Released Date: July 09, 2010
Genre: Ballad / Soundtrack / Instrumental
Language: Mandarin


01. 我記得我愛過 Remember Loved – 鋼琴版 (Piano Version)
02. 我記得我愛過/Wo Ji De Wo Ai Guo (Remember Loved)- 宿命版 (Fate Version) – by Peter Ho 何潤東
03. 鑽石/Zuan Shi (Diamond)- by Barbie Hsu 大S
04. 黑貓與牛奶/Hei Mao Yu Niu Nai (Black Cat and Milk)- by Barbie Hsu 大S/Kris Shen 沈建宏
05. 泡沫美人魚/Pao Mo Mei Ren Yu (Bubble Mermaid) – by Barbie Hsu 大S
06. 假面 /Jia Mian (Masked Face)- by Peter Ho 何潤東
07. 黑貓與牛奶/(Black Cat and Milk)- by Huang Xiao Ming 黃曉明
08. 我記得我愛過 – 輕快版 (Remember Loved – Relaxed Version)
09. 鑽石 – 鋼琴版 (Diamond – Piano Version)
10. 黑貓與牛奶 – 輕鬆版 (Black Cat and Milk – Relaxed Version)
11. 泡沫美人魚 – 吉他版 (Bubble Mermaid – Guitar Version)

Opening Theme: 我記得我愛過 Remember Loved by Peter Ho 何潤東, a sorrowful & soft song. Peter Ho does not have the most spectacular voice, but I still like this song as an introduction to the drama’s depressing undertones and Ou Chen’s loss and suffering.

Ending Theme: 鑽石 Diamond by Barbie Hsu 大S, a jazzy & light song that showcases Barbie Hsu’s beautiful talent. A melancholy song reminiscent of Xia Mo’s childhood loss and loneliness.

** My favorite themes are highlighted in purple

泡沫美人魚 Bubble Mermaid by Barbie Hsu 大S, a blissful and ethereal song that makes me feel happy and smile. Even the title itself is rather adorable.

黑貓與牛奶 Black Cat & Milk, in 2 versions, one with Barbie Hsu 大S/Kris Shen 沈建宏 and Huang Xiao Ming 黃曉明. The lyrics revolve around a little boy, meeting a black cat, feeding it warm milk, and making it all happy; how cute is the basis of the song. Well, in the drama, the song has a memorable history, where Luo Xi sings this song for Xia Mo and she subsequently enters a television competition with her brother to perform this song, the first time she dabbed her feet in show-biz.

And lastly, it’s always soothing to listen to the instrumentals, ideal for studying, sleeping, reflecting, and relaxing. The instrumentals are just as friendly to the ears than ear plugs =)


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