Drama Roll: Summer’s Desire 泡沫之夏 (Intro)

Based on popular novel 泡沫之夏 by 明曉溪 Ming Xiao Xi

Also known as:  Summer’s Bubble (literal translation)

Genre: Romance

Airdate: 30-May to 5-Sept-2010 (GTV)

Episodes: 15

Barbie Hsu 徐熙媛 as Yin Xia Mo 尹夏沫

Huang Xiao Ming 黃曉明 as Luo Xi 洛熙

Peter Ho 何潤東 as Ou Chen 歐辰

Serena Fang 房思瑜 as Jiang Zhen En 江珍恩

Kris Shen 沈建宏 as Yin Cheng 尹澄

Chang Kuo Chu 張國柱 as Xi Meng 西蒙

Canti Lau 劉錫明 as Xia Ying Bo 夏英柏

Patina Lin 林嘉綺 as Shen Qiang 沈薔

Christine Ke 柯奐如 as Pan Nan 潘楠

Five years ago, Yin Xia Mo (尹夏沫) was deeply loved by two men:  her rich, possessive boyfriend Ou Chen (歐辰) and her adopted ‘stepbrother’ Luo Xi (洛熙). Both men, lonely and insecure, are as different as heaven and hell, of two polar worlds, but they have an eye for one precious jewel: Xia Mo.

Ou Chen was first captivated by Xia Mo when they were young kids, as his car nearly trumps down Xia Mo. Both Xia Mo and Luo Xi have a common upbringing, both growing up as orphans. Xia Mo watched her songstress mother fall to her death, while Luo Xi was abandoned at an amusement park. While their love-hate relationship evolves, the rather controlling and overbearing Ou Chen grows evermore jealous and does everything in his mighty power to eliminate his competition.

Ou Chen, an important successor to the Ou Corporation, fails to trust Xia Mo’s love for him and forces Luo Xi to study abroad so he can keep her for himself, free from the grips of other men. However, after a surprising turn of events, Xia Mo cannot withstand his stifling passion and domination any longer, mercilessly severing ties with him and breaking his heart. Devastated and desolate, Ou Chen gets seriously injured in a car accident and loses his memory.

Flash forward 5 years, Luo Xi returns as an idol superstar, with his charming smile and graceful charisma, and Ou Chen lives abroad, dissatisfied with his luxurious life and irked by nightmares and flashbacks of a mysterious woman. Even more perturbing, he is haunted by a green silk lace wrapped around his wrist, unsure of whom it belongs to and why it engenders so much emotion.

Impulsive and cantankerous still, Ou Chen returns to Taiwan, to find his past. Meanwhile, Xia Mo lives with her artistic brother Xiao Cheng (尹澄) and breaks into the entertainment industry. She meets Luo Xi again, who helps her jumpstart her career in showbiz and professes his love for her. Their relationship blossoms, until Ou Chen makes his comeback. The first time he sees her, she’s performing before an audience for the first time, an especially sad and unique song “Diamond” that has not been sung for a long time. Captivated by her image on television, Ou Chen feels a strange pull and pressure in his heart.

How will Xia Mo survive the bitter entertainment industry? Who will she choose, the soft-hearted Luo Xi or past flame Ou Chen? How much of their own uncertain pasts do they really comprehend, wrought with deception and disappointments?

This is an ongoing drama, so with each week, there will be updates and new twists. I’m proud to have conquered the first 10 episodes in a weekend, so I’m all caught up now. Episode 12 came out this Sunday, so I still have to watch that and Ep. 11… Ah, such a good drama!

Here are the preview trailers with English subs, to see if this drama is interesting enough to journey 15 juicy episodes!


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