Happy Birthday: Lee Min Ho 이민호

June 22- Korean actor Lee Min Ho turns 23 today… gosh he’s young. I’m barely 22 and still in school, while he’s making it big on television.

Man, he looks really pissed... but he pulls off the angry look all too well.

The perfect Asian specimen

The fact that he’s really tall, lean, and handsome makes him ever more the perfect Asian specimen.  Speaking he’s 185 cm, over 6 feet tall, he’s strangely tall for an Asian man.  But, he’s not a stick-thin, lanky guy either; he’s got muscles and abs and the body to wow Asian girls around the world.  Plus, he has smooth, baby soft, and pearly white skin to yearn for, skin that makes girls like me even envious.

Ah, that glowing smile of his... *melts into a puddle*...

Aside from his physical attractiveness, he has a huge personality and humorous side.  Since his breakout lead role in Boys Over Flowers, he has gained popularity in commercials (known as CFs in South Korea).  Here’s one from May 2010 with Banana Milk.  The idea is a famous star comes home to a lonely life, but Banana Milk is the panacea, as it makes him all giddy around the house, away from the spotlight.

How can you resist those puppy eyes??

Gosh now I’m itching to try Banana Milk.  I like bananas and milk and Korea and Lee Min Ho… this is a need.  In the following CF, I love the part where he does his cute, silly dance and hugs his fridge packed with mountains of Banana Milk.

Banana Milk *yums*

Such a poser~

Silly monkey

And recently in June 2010, he advertises for Cantata Coffee.  Ah, he shows off his player side, and he knows his directions to a lady’s heart.

Cantata Coffee will be my new caffeine boost =)

And now, besides his good looks and bubbly personality, he is a talented actor.  Two of my favorite Korean dramas attest to his greater abilities:  Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 and Personal Taste 개인의 취향.

꽃보다 남자 Boys Over Flowers

In Boys Over Flowes (2009), Lee Min Ho plays the lead role of Gu Jun Pyo, the mean leader of the rich F4 group.  He encounters a commoner girl, Geum Jan Di, who has the guts to fight his injustices and cruelty against schoolmates.  They fall into the typical love-hate relationship that rocks the world around them.  If you have seen Meteor Garden 流星花園 (2002) and/or Hana Yori Dango 花より男子 (2005), BOF is the same story line.  I did not see Hana Yori Dango (I heard it’s good), but compared to Meteor Garden (the first drama to kickstart idol drama mania around Asia), BOF is amazing with just the right amount of seriousness and comedy.  Lee Min Ho plays his part well, as he really showed his angry, cruel, and sweet side combination.  His hissy fits are funny, his curly hair look foolish, and his attire can get outlandish.  BUT he has a flawless face and body.  No one looks as good in a slick suit, except maybe for Super Junior.

Personal Taste Cover

I’m currently finishing up on Personal Taste, the one drama that I finished the last half and have yet the first half to watch.  Feels weird watching a drama backward, because you end up knowing what happens in the beginning.  Anyway, in this drama, he tones down his Jun Pyo sassiness to become a more quiet, compassionate Jeon Jin Ho.  He pretends to be gay to enter Park Gae In’s home, with a knack for understanding emotions and women.  While he has his reasons for entering her well-designed home, Jin Ho slowly falls in love with his naive roommate Gae In.  How will their lives play out, as they face competition, rivalries, pain, and happiness?

Personal Taste

And what’s the birthday boy’s wish this year:  to have a girlfriend.

A girlfriend? I really want to travel and it need not be overseas. I would like to climb mountains and if there was someone who has an interest like this, it would be great.” (Allkpop.com)

With that look, I don't think it'll be too much of a hassle getting a girl~

In the end, Lee Min Ho is just your average boy next door

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday: Lee Min Ho 이민호

  1. u make me speechless, u’re so cool, u have a smile so humble for everybody looking u, especially a girl 😀 we wait u in jakarta-indonesia, love u min ho :))

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