2010 FIFA World Cup: We Are One!!!

I’ve been excited over this year’s FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.  See, I usually do not watch sports, except for the Olympics, Tennis, and World Cup Soccer, because 1) I play tennis and 2) the Olympics and World Cup only occur, what, every 4 years?! That’s like an eternity… I graduate every 4 years.  Hence, I have something to be pumped about everytime I close a chapter of my life!

A Baller Korean flag

Okay, I’m rooting for South Korea and eh, Japan just a little bit, even when I don’t originate OR live in either country.  Call it Asian cultural pride =) I have more hope for Korea, perhaps due to my recent Korean fever.  Sadly there’s no Taiwanese team to cheer =( And, I’m devoid of the last remaining bits of American pride.  So I end up now, the cheerleader of my home, for the Reds.

Red Devils... Roar

Let’s see, we’re still in the initial Round of 32.  South Korea (47) is in Group B, along with Argentina (7), Greece (13), and Nigeria (21).  Thus far, Argentina has the lead and definite spot in the next round, but the 3 other teams must duke it out by the end of the week to ensure the other spot.  Now, South Korea and Greece are tied in 2nd place with 3 points, while Nigeria has not yet won a game.  In the 6/12  South Korea vs. Greece game, SK amazed the whole world with a 1-0 win.  And in the 6/17 South Korea vs. Argentina game, SK put up a brave fight against Argentina, which had a strong offense team.  SK lost that game, but they still have a good chance for the next round if they muster all their might, spirit, and confidence against Nigeria. Tomorrow evening, SK will battle it out with fellow Nigerian contenders, while Greece will energetically face the Argentenian big-shots.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow…

Here are some highlights from the spectacular SK vs. Greece game…

Pre-game huddle

Goal, thanks to Lee Jung Soo! Team rejoices!

"Hey!! Way to Go Buddy!" Lee Jung Soo high fives Kim Jung Woo post-1st goal

Park Ji-Sung scores the 2nd goal... the Greek guy mopes out.

The ball is coming... their faces are priceless.

Goalie Alexandros Tzorvas, pitiful and downcast, while the flying colors of Korea wave behind him

I conclude with… Victory for Korea =)

Go Go South Korea!!!

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