My Last Acceptance: Bye Bye Buffalo

Cute Buffalo cartoon =)

The cycle has come to a final close.  I received my last acceptance via snail mail from the first school I interviewed at, University at Buffalo School of Medicine.  I was waitlisted here since way back in October.  I remembered that interview trip as the closest thing to a living vacation, as I road-tripped upstate with my dad for 8 long hours and spent 2 days up there around Niagara Falls.

I remembered being bummed over that initial waitlist, but that was before I had other interviews on the way.  Now, I was faced with a choice again, this time between Stony Brook and Buffalo.  Both may be cheap, because I’m an in-state resident.  However, I have the fate of 4 long years in my hands, and now’s not the time to make a messy decision.

Since it’s already late and more hopefuls on the waitlist waiting, my decision had to be made quickly.  Well, the push and rush of it all pretty much settled my original decision to attend SB.  Here are the pros: very nice campus, very NICE and renovated hospital, incredible sports facility down on Main Campus to satisfy my daily workout sessions, international opportunities (yes! I finally get to study abroad!), maybe a little too conveniently close to home, higher ranking, and the general vibe of the school.  I can get away without a car (for now), because coming back from the city I’m still in walking-everywhere mode.  Now, I also would not like the freezing cold and slushy weather of Buffalo.  There, I unfortunately cannot get away with walking around town without watching my back every few steps.  Besides, I’d hate to be battling wild storms of the century before I start seeing my first patient or fighting insurance companies.

To conclude, I’ve been very grateful for a wonderful year.  I do not regret letting go of Buffalo, as I have fond memories of my first interview and taste of medical school there.  It would have been worthwhile to live independently during medical school.  It would have been another action-packed, life-changing 4 years on my own, far away.  But I think it’s time to return back home to my roots on Long Island, and begin another incredible chapter from here.

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