~Dream Concert 2010~

Dream Concert 2010

The extravaganza Dream Concert 2010 took place at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul on May 22, 2010.  The special concert featuring the biggest names in K-pop aired recently on May 30, 2010.  Now, I don’t have a plane ticket to Seoul or the language skills just yet, so the best way to experience a live performance is on my butt, in front of my Macbook, on Youtube.

Despite light rain, over 40,000 loyal fans came out to support their favorite artists.  I wish I had the luxury to wave my glow-stick amidst the sea of screaming and singing fans.  Now, going to a K-pop concert beats another Jay Chou concert any day (no worries, I’m still a loyal fan of Jay Chou).

The MCs for the concert were Hee Chul (Super Junior), Shin Se Kyung, and Tae Yeon (SNSD 少女時代).  Here’s a taste of the spectacular performances (as experienced on Youtube HD):  2PM, SS501, Wonder Girls, Super Junior 슈퍼주니어, KARA, SNSD 少女時代, CNBlue, MBLAQ, BEAST, ZE:A, f(x), SHINee, T-ara, Rain, Lee Hyori, After School, F.cuz, Rainbow, Davichi, U-Kiss and 4minute.

미인아 Bonamana Dance

I loved Super Junior’s solid performance.  They looked absolutely amazing in their clean white, yet rebellious look.  For their Comeback to Korea as Super Junior again, they’ve had a complete makeover since last year’s “Sorry Sorry” promotion.  I also think they’ve been working out and baring more skin and muscles (o.O candy).

They performed their hot, new single “미인아 Bonamana” off their new album Bonamana, which includes a nice mix of hip-hop, dance-pop, love ballads, and R&B.  As you listen and watch the performance, you cannot help but dance to the electropop beats of Bonamana.  The song, and the album, remains true to the “mature” and “sophisticated” style established by “Sorry Sorry.”  Classified as part of the music genre “Super Junior Funky” (how cool is it to establish a whole genre and call it ‘funky’?), Bonamana is a clever experimentation with African rhythms, club-dance mixes, Olympic gold moves, and auto-tuned vocals.  Try watching Suju’s live performances and learning the dance moves, it’s a powerful workout.  

SNSD Dream Concert

Next, SNSD 少女時代 Girl’s Generation.  SNSD is like the female counterpart to Super Junior.  They are banging dancers and singers, more on the cute side.  Here, they performed their hit singles “Run Devil Run” and “Oh!” 

SHINee is also a good Korean band to listen to.  I heard a few songs by SHINee from the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers 꽃보다 남자 (2009).  Here’s their hit “Ring Ding Dong,” it’s an upbeat, sassy song. 

Other recent Comebacks include the Wonder Girls, SS501, 4Minute, and MBLAQ.  I’m not very familiar with 4Minute or MBLAQ-Y, but I do enjoy music by the Wonder Girls and SS501.  The Wonder Girls have been promoting in America and elsewhere since their “Nobody” release.  They are planning an English album featuring English versions of hit Korean singles and an international tour for 2010. As announced in April, the Wonder Girls plan to partner with fellow Korean band 2PM on a US-Canada tour this year.  Their upcoming single and album is “2 Different Tears,” as performed here at the Dream Concert.

And the last of my favorites, SS501.  Since last August 2009, SS501 has been on their first Asia tour, visiting Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Thailand, and Seoul, finishing only recently in February 2010.  On May 17th, 2010, it was revealed that Kim Hyun Joong got involved in a car accident, suffering rib injuries and bruises.  Because it would take 2 weeks for him to fully recover, Hyun Joong (along with his band members) could only sing ballad songs during the Dream Concert, instead of performing their usual dance sequences.  Unfortunately, their performance was untelevised, as requested by their entertainment company DSP Media.  Well, that does not stop fans from videorecording and uploading the performance (I did the same thing at last year’s Jay Chou concert).  I found a clear version of “Let Me Be the One,” but with the main focus on Kim Hyung Jun, my favorite member.

Soon after the concert, SS501’s single “Love Ya” and new mini-album Destination were leaked.  Even if their contract with DSP Media expires this June, I’m hoping SS501 will continue to stay together and make music for fans everywhere.  Here’s their new MV, “Love Ya,” since they did not perform it at the Dream Concert OR get televised.

Here’s a link to performances by other famous, just-as-amazing Korean popstars. Rain fans:  his performance was also untelevised unfortunately due to J Tune Entertainment.



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