Best Week Ever: ACCEPTED!!!

This should seriously be featured on “Best Week Ever,” because… I’M GONNA BE A DOCTOR!!!  The application process has been a crazy, winding process:  hard-core MCAT cracking all summer, serious essay writes and rewrites (and some harsh criticisms to go along), lots of patience, lots of $$ to travel to schools, and LOTS of anxiety during the long wait.  I even became an obsessive freak constantly checking emails and my mailbox, holding my breath as I click “Gmail” or reload every hour or peeking into my mailbox.  Then the big thud of my heart as there is no news for the next few days and on… What drove me ahead, was the fact that I knew medicine was the right path for me, a profession I’d find thrilling and challenging.

I’m going to reveal how my acceptance reaction came about.  On Wednesday 3/3/2010 I was volunteering my usual hours at NYU Langone Medical Center.  I took a lunch break during my Day Surgery shift, so I went downstairs to the medical school library to, guess what, check emails.  Voila, my eyes scanned the addresses and subject lines… then I hit “Congratulations!…” from Chicago Medical School- Rosalind Franklin University!!!  My very first bit of hope all year!  My heart fluttered up to Cloud 9 and stayed there.  I could feel a smile overwhelm my facial muscles and the glitter in my eyes shine in the buzzing library… “I’m going to medical school.”  The high heavens granted my deepest wish!  I have made it through such a difficult cycle.  Excited, I jumped out of my seat and rushed out the library.  I intended to pounce up 10 flights of stairs to call my parents.  As I got to the elevators, an old lady stopped me and asked where Rusk Institute was.  Thrilled as I was, I happily told her and guided her to the elevators.  I couldn’t hold in my excitement when she told me how nice I was and what I did here; I joyously told her “I just found out I got into medical school.”  A stranger was the first person I shared this spectacular news.  In the elevator, I did not care how cramped and squished I was; I just wanted to call my parents and assure them that their daughter will be a doctor!

I found my supervisor Claire.  She was absolutely elated to hear the super news.  I love her, one of the greatest and most loving bosses I ever had.  She was sincerely overjoyed for me, and that feeling was truly comforting.  I took my phone outside and called my parents.  Boy were they exultant, 100X more than me!  They were so worried about a possible lag year and failure of my dreams, even planning out MCAT retakes and pharmacy schools.  Not my thing!  Finally, I have the security of a spot in med school.  Now, I think they’re going to celebrate their own way and share with the whole world.  I texted my sister, and when she returned my call, she was like “WHAT? WHERE?”  She’s just as thrilled, because now she can finally say, “My sister’s going to medical school! She’ll be a doctor,” and have some sort of purpose and direction, instead of waiting for schools to hear back from.”  AHHHHHH!!!!!!

CMS is a great school, and I would love suburban Chicago.  My top choice is still Stony Brook, where I wished so much to hear from.  It has been about 5 weeks since my January interview and the nerves are kicking in.  I’d like to stay in NY near my friends and family. Plus it’ll be convenient and auspicious.  Little did I know, my UPS acceptance package arrived that day…

Today, Friday 3/5/2010 I found my 2-day old acceptance packet at the Palladium Resource Center, my residence hall at NYU.  When I least expected it, I received the golden letter of my future.  Everyday, I’ve been checking my mailbox for a packet or slip for the envelope, to no avail.  Today, I was working the mail with my friend David.  He was logging packages and suddenly asked me, “Hey Connie, have you heard from Stony Brook yet??”  I was like, “Uh, noooo (sigh).”  Then he stuck a UPS flat envelope in my face, and that’s when it dawned on me:  I GOT INTO STONY BROOK!  WTH, where was my package slip notifying me of “urgent” mail!!???  Honestly, the mail room is in shambles and the resource center is soooo disorganized.  One time, I found my SUNY Upstate rejection letter in the trash bin, so I was really afraid my mail would get lost.  In this case, it was sitting there, waiting to be found and opened.  I GOT INTO STONY BROOK!  I seriously screamed at my desk, in the very public reception desk, TWICE.  I couldn’t contain my emotions and excitement… this was my DREAM school in terms of cost, convenience, education, quality, international opportunities, environment, diversity, reputation, etc…

I really learned to be patient and confident.  Now I’m in the difficult position to decide my next 4 years.  I’ll be doing some DEEP thinking, and thanking the fate and faith that has guided me.


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