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You’ve have to appreciate all the free stuff that comes across your path every so often in the Big Apple. Today, my friends and I waited for over 4 hours in the bitter fall cold in Rockefellar Center to get a FREE brand-name dress shirt. Life as a college student means you want to live and earn cheap, and this was such a blessing! My friend David told my friends last night about the promotion, how this UK-based clothing line was helping to promote a new USA show called “White Collar.” It’s retailed at like almost $200 and better yet, it’s customed tailored to your body, for both men and women 🙂

The mannequins in pretty shirts

The mannequins in pretty shirts

I’ve been itching to buy the perfect tailored white formal long-sleeved shirt with nice buttons and fabric. I could not miss this moment! I even put off my responsibilities at my research lab I work every Fridays to stake out a spot, even if it means battling the icy winds and chills. My friend Lawrence and I got off class before 10 am, and met up with my suitemates Grace and Erika to head up to Rockefellar Centre. There we were on the “standby line” very briefly before we transitioned over to the “guaranteed line.” There, we also smuggled in our other friend Jessica, so we wouldn’t be separated.  Lord, the wait was incredibly long, as David informed me via text message. He did end up getting there at 7:30, and didn’t get fitted until after 11 am when we bumped into him.  Bad idea to think it was warm like yesterday; no sunny skies or 70 degree breezes. Sandals and leggings were not ideal.  I may have even come down with a cold after the long wait, but it was so worth it. I could use this shirt for formal occassions, interviews, and presentations. I get to feel like a Sternie! (the business kids at NYU who always wear suits to jobs or interviews).

I’m so happy, not because of the “free-ness,” but because I feel so lucky to find out about this chance and own a high-class fitted shirt that I will take super care to clean. It’s my chance to wear a nice shirt I can fit, because I do not like loose, baggy shirts that cannot conform to my petite figure. I wish I could’ve gotten one for my sister or mom, but they were not here to get fitted. Well, we’ll all get it in the mail in 10 days, and maybe we can plan a fancy dinner to wear our new shirts and look like penguins ^_^

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