aerobics cartoon

Ouch, exercise is painful, even if you’re an gym addict like me. I’m sore, but satisfied. I took a free exercise class today at my residence hall, and boy was it intense. It’ll be a weekly class if I stick to it every Sunday. What we do is a mix of aerobics, dance, and yoga, all in 1 hour time. To make it harder and more cardio-blasting, we repeat motivational phrases with each punch and kick. For instance, each time we punched to some upbeat music, we said “I am strong… I am confident.” When we did lunges, we repeated, “I am powerful.”  There were high jumps, drum-beating, jumping jacks, warrior stances,… I felt very refreshed (and burning in less than 30 minutes).

Exercise cartoon

Exercise takes motivation and dedication. It takes patience and energy, because I know it’s hard to stick to a treadmill for half an hour, running nowhere. To make it more fun, exercise classes and outdoor activities help make the time pass by more quickly and efficiently. I love the exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment after enduring a full session. This Intensati class as it’s called, is highly energizing and motivating. Fun, pleasant, and wonderful for my health and well-being. If I look ahead at my weekly forecast, I can do this on Sundays, Yoga on Tuesdays, and Kendo on Mondays and Thursdays, adding to a full week of recommended exercise. Maybe after another month, I can be down another 10 lbs!!!  Adios hips and thighs 😀


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