The Champion Has Fallen :{





Roddick throws temper tantrums and cannot win. Nadal is injured and loses his semifinal match. And now the unbeatable champion from the great land of Switzerland, no other than Roger Federer, breaks his winning streak and loses to some dude Del Potro??!! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO??!!

Federer played the US Open Finals with blood and sweat, for nearly 4 hours and 5 sets! Very exhausting indeed. I started watching the game at 5 pm with my friends, on my lovely large-screen abandoned TV. It didn’t end until after 8 pm. The match was filled with highs and lows, boos and screams. My heart leaped with excitement with each winner and ace Federer hit, playing Del Potro like a puppet dog. My spirits sunk when Federer double faulted or hit a huge out. The dude has been unstoppable though, still holding on to his #1 position for dear life.

It would have been more incredible to watch a Nadal v. Federer game, which I have yet to experience. Better yet, another Federer v. Roddick. I missed an awesome Wimbledon show this past year, where Roddick nearly won by a sliver of hope. But no, he has been disappointing me. And so did Federer too. Maybe he’s just getting old compared to younglings like Del Potro. An Argentenian underdog beat out both Nadal and Federer to claim the year’s title. Oh well, let’s see what happens next season 🙂

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