Serena… the Devil Beast???

Serena is one scary chick. No, not a chick, A BEAST!!!  What she said in her tantrum was uncalled for, showing the whole world her unprofessionalism and devilish side.  You do not just get pissed to the point that you smash up your prized racket and threaten a poor line-woman with a fluffy tennis ball. She was completely out of line when she said, “You do not know what I’m capable of,” as she shook a tennis ball violently. If you watch television clips, you can hear her threatening to shove a tennis ball down the poor Asian woman’s throat.

I’m surprised at such outbursts. At least have some decency to remain cool and sportsman-like, and not turn into some Incredible Black Hulk.  I mean, I would not mess with those manly muscles myself.  She can go on saying she is committed to her job, and her tantrum shows how much she loves her job.  But at least stay human and understand how the other person feels.  Serena thinks she’s superior and all, but if she cannot be human, I lose respect for her completely.  She deserves her fines and losses, despite the controversy she continues to generate.  She continues to show little remorse, which points more to her true character. She’s competitive and crazy to the point she forgets how to treat other people, because she thinks she’s on top of the world. Ugh…

The Monster

The Monster



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